Becoming A Market Researcher

Published: 17th August 2007
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The job of a market researcher is interesting and profitable. Market research offers bright avenues for development to the new people entering in this field. There is no doubt about the fact that market research has bright future prospects.

To become a market researcher, it is important to have a degree, however, the subject for the degree is of lesser importance.

It is seen that market researchers hold a degree in subjects like English literature, Maths, psychology, politics, history, geography, IT, science and must have strong communication and analytical skills. People who have graduated with subjects like zoology and theatre studies are also welcomed in this field.

Besides educational qualifications, there are other important requisites as well, which are required to become a market researcher.

These qualities include:

· Strong interpersonal skills-since market research involves communicating with people, the market researcher has to possess strong communication skills so that e can communicate well with them.

· Commercial awareness

· Analytical ability

· Good organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines

· Numeracy

· Problem solving skills

· Ability to learn as a part of the team

· Interest in people and their behavior

Broadly, there are two types of market research-Qualitative and Quantitative. It is important that the market researcher has an expertise in if not both, then at least in one of these fields as opportunities might come in either form. The market researcher chooses from these fields depending upon his interest and mental level.

From the point of view of career development in market research, the prospects are very bright. Rise in the career in this filed is rapid and speedy. A market research graduate can be expected to stay at his designation till 18 months, and after that he becomes a Senior Research Executive. Once he has become a senior research executive, further promotion depends on the quality of work done by the employee. Promotion is decided on the basis of merit.

Mostly, training for market researchers is 'on the job training'; however, there are some market research companies, which provide their own training programs to the candidates. The field of Market research involves immense competition and only the best can survive. The market researcher has to keep himself updated with the developments taking place all around the world and update his knowledge likewise so that he does loose upon his clients.

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