How to Evaluate Market Research Reports

Published: 25th September 2007
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A well-drafted market research report plays a very important role in enabling marketers make appropriate business decisions. Market research reports play a very important role in presenting the market scenario and customer attitude in totality. They can do wonders for an organization.

It is not so that all reports contain useful and perfect information. There are some market research reports, which lack appropriate information and thus cannot be used. You have to see which report is appropriate and can be used for reference.

Market research reports can be conducted by carrying out primary market research or secondary research. Primary research method involves the collection, organization, interpretation and analysis of first hand data. Secondary research method involves collecting information from the already available information. The already existing information is sieved in order to get the important and refined information. It is often seen that secondary research is carried out for an industry and not a company in particular. This information can be availed and accessed either by paying fee for it or free of cost.

The information collected from the market research must be studied and scrutinized carefully, so that if any tampering is found with the information, it can be clarified before it's too late. Those referring to secondary market research must be even more cautious while analyzing the information, as it is very important that the source from which the information has been taken is credible and the information can be banked upon.

There can be various methods of preparing the company produced research report (CPRR) such as personal observation, questionnaires, surveys, and experimentation and there are many more methods.

The most important feature of a market research report is that, all the information contained in it must be reliable and correct. The information contained must be such that it enables the company to overcome the hurdles that come in its way related to market research.

Research validity-It implies that the research must be of good quality and must be credible. It must contain all the necessary information and not just tell about the unimportant and unneeded things. The research report must contain all the information that needs to be researched.

Research Reliability-This implies that the research that is conducted must be applicable for the larger group also and not just restricted till the people on whom it was conducted.

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