Indian Retail Banking Market Research Reports

Published: 20th August 2007
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India being a booming economy, offers enormous growth opportunities to Retail Banking. It is essential for every economy to have a reliable and healthy banking system. It is with the help of market research report companies that foreign banks get to know, about the development opportunities and market for the Retail Banking sector, in countries like India etc.

Indian banking sector, which is has one of the largest banking networks in the world, has seen many regulations and reforms over the years. These regulations include deregulation of interest rates, increased participation of private sector banks and dilution of the government stake in the in PSU banks. Such a kind of information about India can be obtained from resources like market research reports. Many foreign market research report companies have their offices in India. India has many market research report companies.

The market research reports in India, offer a holistic view on the retail banking. It gives a global view about the global banking assets, bad debts, region wise analysis, profitability ratio and the Indian banking scenario. These reports also give an overview of the Indian retail banking, and compare it to other international players as well.

The reports on retail banking also take into account, concepts like Auto finance, Educational loans, Consumer durable loans, Housing loans, Other personal loans, Credit cards and other regulations taking part in other sub-sectors. Besides giving the profile for the top 12 major players, these reports also forecast the future growth in the banking sector.

It has been seen that the India markets are enthusiastic to tap business not only from indigenous companies, but also from companies overseas. Growth in the field of retail financial service sector has been one of the most important developments on the market front. Overseas banks have been desirous of placing themselves firmly in the in the Indian markets, seeing immense development potential.

Market research repots on Indian retail banking glean over issues and challenges, which are intrinsic as well as external. For example, Risk management and Basel II, Consolidation, Technology, Overseas expansion, Government reforms, Skilled manpower, Technology, Non-performing assets and Consumer protection.

The report on Indian retail banking concludes by giving information on future growth areas, addressing issues like Rural Credit and Microfinance, Value Added services, Small and Medium Enterprise.

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