South Africa's Convenience Store Market: A Toddler Amongst Sprinters

Published: 03rd June 2006
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South African convenience store market is coming across a phenomenal transformation. The stores need a variety of branded products such as organic fruits vegetables and so on.

The growing demand for imported foods and beverages for the expansion of these c-stores offers a great opportunity to local as well as international manufacturers. The fact that a majority of customers is price conscious imposes that the South African supermarket needs to be stuffed with a wide range of consumer.

Though most of the South Africans prefer to buy inexpensive goods. There is a also a constant demand for specialty items in the South African convenience market, so that the stores can satisfy both local customers as well as tourists.

In the present scenario, as the South African market is moving towards modernization and sophistication there is a regular demand for imported goods. Their convenience market needs some intermediate products also, so that they can produce end products in their country itself. The market is full of opportunities, the only things that are required are: correct timings and an understanding of the needs of the buyers.

The reduced tariff levels, owing to the transparent import policies adopted by the government, work as a major driver for the exporters to turn towards the South African convenience market.

A recent market research report published by RNCOS titled "Convenience Stores Market Worldwide (2005-2008)" estimates the convenience store market in Asia, which includes countries such as India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam & other developing countries, is expected to record a favorable growth in the next 5 years.

The report predicts that the average annual growth rate for durable, non-durable & semi-durable goods in South African convenience store market should position around 6.6%.

What kind of latest technological developments are taking place in the convenience stores business? What are the emerging trends in order to launch a convenience store? What sorts of products are sold by these convenience stores? The report answers all of the above questions and a lot of other relevant issues are also addressed by it.

The report also discusses the efforts that the convenience retailing business is making in order to handle the array of issues raised by this latest phenomenon in the world retail market.

In the report, you can also view a comparative company profile of 10 vendors worldwide that includes their Business & financial overview, Key management officials, strategies & Initiatives, etc.

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