The Role And Limitations Of Marketing Research

Published: 30th August 2007
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Marketing research is the collection and analysis of information that is important in the identification and solving of a marketing problem.
Although market research benefits a company in several ways, it is not easy to conduct market research. Market research is a tough job and only experienced people can perform this work well. Market research involves competitive price analysis and several other features. Market research never guarantees success; it only reduces chances of failure.
Marketing managers consult marketing research specialists before coming on any decision. Market research reports contain an alternative to an action and also indicate area where success can be expected. Final decision making rests in the hands of the market research managers and not in the hands of the market researchers.

Market research only identifies the environment in which the company is going to step. They identify the customers, market and competitors for the company. They forecast the future and present the prospective threats and opportunities before the company.

Market research companies believe that if a company wants to reach out to its customers then, it must adopt effective promotional strategies. Promotion is an important aspect for the business; however other elements are also required to succeed in the consumer market.

Since the consumer market is dynamic, even the market research managers do not guarantee 100% success to the client companies on the basis of market research carried out.

No market research report can guarantee 100% success; it merely reduces the chances of the product flopping. It can help the company take suitable decision, but cannot be help responsible for failures.

An intelligent company is that, which keeps in mind the Ken and Keith of market research and takes steps cautiously. It must prepare itself for all probable failures and losses.

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