Tourism One Of The Main Sources Of Income In India

Published: 22nd July 2006
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Bringing in foreign exchange in bulks, the tourism industry has been contributing enormously to the Indian economy. The tourism sector is connected to various other sectors of the economy and influences the growth & development of those sectors.

Indian tourism industry is flourishing, with visitors pouring in from almost all parts of the world including Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa. Tourists from Middle East are attracted towards the drenching monsoon rains in India, a phenomenon they would never get to see in their country.

At the same time, there's an increase in the domestic tourism that adds to this growth. Many of them escape from the summer heat on the plains to resorts in the Himalayan Mountains. The recent cease-fire in Kashmir has encouraged tourists to visit the magical land. This has resulted in the revival of the staggering tourism industry in the state.

Most favored destinations amongst the tourists, both domestic & foreign, include Kerala for its scenic beauty, Khujraho for its sculptures & temples, Agra for Taj Mahal, Goa for its beaches & some pilgrimages.

To conclude, there're a number of reasons behind the sudden spurt in the Indian tourism industry. Firstly, the upward trend witnessed in the Indian economy has raised middle class income, urging more people to spend money on vacations either abroad or at home. Secondly, aggressive advertising campaign called "Incredible India" by the government. As, it contributed in changing the image of the country from that of a land of snake charmers to a technology hub. Thus, sparking new interest among overseas travelers.

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